Promotion of Civil Society Dialogue
between EU and Turkey Project

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17-18-19 June 2009 Contact Making Seminar
22-23 january 2009 A different Approach to Municipal Services; Strategic Look project’s second trainning programme
17.12.2008 Second Meeting of the Advisory Committee
18-19 November The Strategic Meeting between The Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania and the Union of Mediterranean Municipalities
The introduction and the first training programme of the project on "Strategic Look" took place on 18-19 November 2008.
23.10.2008 First Meeting of the Advisory Committee
   A different Approach to Municipal Services ; Strategic Look,

is a project that is implemented by Mediterranean Union of Municipalities and funded by European Union. At the adaptation Process, there is no doubt that the promotion of civil society dialogue between European Union and Turkey theme has very important place in our country. At that point, central and local authorities, NGOs and associations has major duties. The Project was formed for the purpose of responsibilities of municipalities to overcome deficiencies in this field. Trainees will be realized in the field of Training on Strategy and Strategic Planning, The Reform Process, Image Creation for Municipalities, EU Processes and EU Funding Opportunities, Teamwork, Project Management, Communication Skills & Public Relations, Financial Responsibility to 100 individual who are General Secretaries, Deputy Secretary Generals, Deputy Mayors from 50 Municipalities. Witin the project, the advantage of confining the region’s municipalities under the umbrella of MUM, through the consultancy team, cooperation among member municipalities, establishment of sharing technical and administrative knowledge and experience, where by contact making seminer and communication network, supporting dissemination of national and international best practises are aimed.

Project has purposes such as acquiring vision at EU standards, being reference new projects and studies thereby developing strategies and politics which are specifically for pilot municipalities and broadly for local authorities